Leading-Edge Disinfectant with NO VOC’s

Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant Healthier, More Productive Crops

Vital Oxide is a ground-breaking product that offers Hospital Grade Disinfection without any toxic by-products. Eliminates MOLD & MILDEW and promotes a healthy, clean growing environment.

Sanitize all surfaces and tools such as shop vacs, HVAC, reflectors, containers etc. Ideal for sanitizing flowering rooms in less time, with no rinse required.

Vital Oxide Cannabis

Uses of Vital Oxide

  • Sanitizing flower rooms after each harvest
  • Sanitizing all surfaces, floors, walls etc.
  • Clears BIOFILM from irrigation lines
  • Kills MOLD & MILDEW
  • Visit our website for complete kill list

A Healthier Way to Disinfect

  • No VOCs
  • Non-Irritating to Skin
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-flammable